A Group Effort at Defining Happiness

Sometimes it takes a group effort to define something as elusive as happiness…  We cannot define it in a vacuum.

When I worked with the Storytellers at the Anchorage of Bensenville Nursing Home, we connected with each other through group poetry.  We threw out words together to make this definition of happiness.

What is your definition of happiness?


Happy looks like a beautiful pink rose.
It smells like fresh laundry hanging in the sun.
It sounds like children laughing,
It tastes like a cool glass of lemonade on a hot summer day.
Happy feels like a baby’s soft skin.

Happy looks like pictures of people you love.
It smells like Johnson baby powder.
It sounds like church choirs and operetta duets.
It tastes like a big, juicy steak.
Happy feels like a smile on your face.
– The Storytellers


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