“Under the Branches of My Family’s Tree”

Come hear me read a memoir piece about the strength passed down from generations of amazing people in my family.  I’ll be reading at Waterline Writers in Batavia on December 21 at 7 pm.  If you’ve never attend this reading event, it is something to put on your bucket list and cross off on December 21!



What it Looks Like to Become Intergenerational PALS 

In this exchange between these two partners in Pages Across the Ages, an eight-year-old boy and eighty-three-year old woman read Verdi by Janell Cannon and bond with each other.


It was funny when Verdi is scared that he will turn green because that meant that he was old.  But he thought that meant he was going to become lazy.  […] Then he understood that he could still be happy even if he was green.  He was still the same inside.

 – Boy, age 8

“Verdi doesn’t want to grow old and green! […] He gets tired and old and decides that being old and green isn’t so bad after all!  My name is Pat.  You’re 8 and I’m 83.  I don’t mind being old but I hope I don’t turn green.” 

– Woman, age 83