Root Words



Create common ground; and

Inspire growth.

Root word: The most basic part of a word; A part from which other words grow.

Stories grow—one letter at a time, one word at a time, one person at a time—to foster…

Clarification (Clar/clear);

Community (Com/together);

Motivation (Movere/to move);

and so much more…

Thank you for connecting with me!

I created Root Words to reach out and connect with you through words. I am a writer, story teller, motivational speaker, and communications strategist.

I hope when you read or hear my stories you will reach out to others—
extend our common roots.

Stories allow us to reach out to people near and far—across physical boundaries and across the boundaries that exist only in our minds.

 Connect with me through my book Under the Branches, where I explore the strength we draw from our Family Tree.


Where do I extend my roots through stories?

  • I use stories to facilitate everything from education to imagination to innovation.
  • A former youth librarian and nursing home caseworker, I share stories for people of all ages.
  • I’ve been storytelling in libraries, schools, day cares, and senior centers for over ten years.
  • I perform at events such as the Albuquerque Folk Festival and Timpanogos Story Festival.
  • Currently, I am the Communications Strategist for the Business Innovation directorate at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Every person, product, and process has a story.

Reach out to me.
Let’s connect.
I can’t wait for our roots to intertwine!